Triumph Motorcyles

I was part of a fantastic and talented team who were commissioned by Studio MB for the Triumph Motorcycle experience. I was the lead motion designer across 3 films showcasing the heritage, style and legacy of the triumph motorcycle brand. I was responsible for the typography and design of the huge multi-wall film which brought the piece to life in a highly dynamic fashion. I was also responsible for the 3D design of the detailed component design, which was of super high detailed macro shots of some of the brand's more complicated and techincally brilliant components. I employed a wireframe-tech look inside Cinema 4D with a very shallow Depth of field and some subtle flares inside Adobe After Effects which gave the piece a distinct look and feel.

The experience has won several awards including The Design Grand Prix at the Scottish Design awards and it also won Best Public Space at the SBID International Design Awards.

triumph long narrow_00000.jpg
triumph long narrow_00001.jpg
triumph long narrow_00002.jpg
triumph long narrow_00004.jpg
triumph long narrow_00003.jpg